How to change rvm install location?

March 26, 2019 - Uncategorized


Figure out myself by doing some research online, hope this can help someone out:

Suppose you want to move from home/username/.rvm to /opt/local/rvm

  1. Update you .bash_profile or .bashrc to:if [ -s "$HOME/.rvmrc" ]; then source "$HOME/.rvmrc" fi # to have $rvm_path defined if set if [ -s "${rvm_path-$HOME/.rvm}/scripts/rvm" ]; then source "${rvm_path-$HOME/.rvm}/scripts/rvm" fi
  2. find your .rvmrc under $HOME/.rvmrc, if not found, create one and put this line in it:export rvm_path=/opt/local/rvm
  3. move your file to the new location : mv $HOME/.rvm/* /opt/local/rvm
  4. execute rvm repair all and rvm reload

And you are good to go!


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