sencha touch 2

Release phonegap app
cordova build android –release keytool -genkey -v -keystore my-release-key.keystore -alias alias_name -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000 [...]
Sencha Phonegap Testing
1) Using Chrome Devtools(For Android > 4.4 only) I) Enter inspect Device in Chrome Browser II) Connect Device and Accept Debug III) Now We can Test Our [...]
Setting up HTTP server on Windows with Node.js
Some years ago I dreamed about running JavaScript applications on Windows systems as easy as it was on Linux. It seems the future is here. Today it’s [...]
Dynamically setting call,sms, email functionality in sencha touch
SMS functionality { xtype: 'button', flex: 1, ui: 'action', text: 'SMS', id: 'smsButton', handler: function () { window.location = 'sms:**99999999**'; } } [...]
Basic Requires for sencha App
requires: [ 'Ext.form.FieldSet', 'Ext.field.Number', 'Ext.field.Spinner', 'Ext.field.Password', 'Ext.field.Email', 'Ext.field.Url', 'Ext.field.DatePicker', [...]
Building Your App Remotely with PhoneGap Build and Sencha Cmd
PhoneGap has long been preferred by developers over Sencha’s own mobile packager, and it seems Sencha themselves are of the same opinion. With the [...]
Sencha phonegap node server
phonegap PhoneGap command-line interface and node.js library. Command-line Requirements Install node.js version >=0.10.x Install ios-sim to deploy apps [...]
How to run sencha touch through node js
1) install node js 2) To run sencha app through node js by: cd to app directory- sudo npm install now run  node js server by:- node server.js  
Complete List of Useful Sencha Cmd Commands
*Ok so perhaps not a complete list, but most of the ones you’ll probably ever care about and a few more. For reference, this list was compiled for Sencha [...]
PhoneGap + Sencha Touch
1) cd /var/www/touch-2.3.1 2) sencha generate app MyApp ../MyApp  3) sencha phonegap init com.mycompany.MyApp MyApp 4) sencha app build -run native   [...]