Add Custom Field/Column to Devise with Rails
In This We add Custom Column In “SignUp Page” :- Steps To Add Custom Field/Column to Devise i.e :- 1) Under App Console Write Code :- rails g [...]
Ror Routes + Custom Routes
ADD ROUTES IN APP BY :- 1) Go to -> YourApp -> config -> routes.rb (Paste Code Here) i.e. root ‘blogs#home’ match [...]
Ror Sent Forgot your password? Email
  Sent Forget Your Password Code By :- 1) Go to -> YourApp -> Config -> environments -> development.rb (Paste Code Here). [...]
Add Devise GEM In RoR
Steps To Use Devise Gem :- 1) You can add it to your Gemfile with:           gem ‘devise‘ Run the bundle command to install it. 2) After you [...]
Useful Heroku Commands
1) heroku console —app my_app   2) heroku rake db:migrate —app my_app   3) heroku stack —app my_app  4) heroku pg:reset [...]
Devise json
class SessionsController < Devise::SessionsController skip_before_filter :verify_authenticity_token skip_before_filter :require_no_authentication, :only [...]
Add username to Devise
Either follow this link follow the steps [...]
Getting Started with Spree
Getting Started with Spree by Ben A. Morgan [...]
Rails Installation on production server
Steps to Create and Secure Server Refer document “Firewall and SSH” Steps to Configure Application   login  using putty or ssh  user@ip sudo apt-get [...]
rails user role with devise cancan rollify
devise + cancan + rollify tutorial