xampp php ini file settings
changes into the php.ini file post_max_size = 800M upload_max_filesize = 800M max_execution_time = 5000 max_input_time = 5000 memory_limit = 1000M now [...]
Php Debugging Params in File
file_put_contents( ‘debug’ . time() . ‘.log’, var_export($_REQUEST, true)); file_put_contents( ‘debug’ . time() . [...]
How to use bind_result vs get_result
The deciding factor for me, is whether I call my query columns using *. Using bind_result() would be better for this: // Use bind_result() with fetch() [...]
Add Different languages to php site
1) Go to phpmyadmin -> select database -> click sql -> Enter this alter table <some_table> convert to character set utf8 collate [...]